Republic Rules - The U.S.A. is a great representative republic.

An ongoing discussion of how it works… and why it works.

Not Democrat, not Republican - Constitutional Conservative

About RR

It is a misconception that the United States is a democracy. It is actually a representative republic with some democratic institutions. THAT’s what makes it great.

Many people, perhaps the majority now, either never learned this fact or have lost the meaning behind our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. If we don’t protect it from being morphed into something it was not intended to be… something that will not be as effective as it has already proven itself to be… we will lose all hope of sustaining the greatness of our country.

My nickname is Rikkus and this blog is a growing collection of my thoughts and observations about the United States and our current social condition relative to the Constitution and human nature. I know there are many others who share my views, but the number is dwindling… not mostly through conscious decision, however. Apathy is the enemy.

Hopefully, I can help shine a little light on what should be obvious to all, to rekindle the flame of pride and desire to preserve our nation.

With warm regards to all,


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Vote not for what's best
just for you or your party.

Vote for what's right for our country.