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Income Tax (Non-)Payers

I’ve written many times about the many problems with our current income tax system and the fact that 10% of the taxpayers pay 70% of the tax.

Let’s put aside for the moment that, in 2005, “rich” meant anyone with a taxable income of more than $104,000 (which is a lot of money, don’t get me wrong… but hardly what I would call “rich”). It would be one thing, if those who are “not rich” at least had some skin in the income tax game… but when nearly half of U.S. households pay NO income tax (and some even MAKE MONEY from government programs!), then there is a structural and moral problem with the system… one that sets up a “game” that will be played and will lead to an inevitable, self-destructive end.

If you read comments after articles about the fact that “the rich” carry an inordinate portion of the income tax burden, one of the most common responses goes something like this:

    ImAllAboutTheLittleGuy wrote:

    So the top percentages pay income tax? The people that reap all the benefits and pleasures of America? The people that live the good life and have profited from those that do not pay income tax have to pay income tax?

    I don’t see that as a problem.

I think this is at the root of the mindset of those people who think it’s OK for the “rich” to pay the bills while others (even MOST!) pay little or nothing. Very short-sighted thinking… and a morally bankrupt attitude. It seems these people think the “rich” got their money at the expense of the “poor”… that the rich are able to live a good life and the poor are not… that the rich have it all and the poor have nothing.

Look around. Sure, there are some very poor people that have a difficult lot in life… but are they HALF OF OUR POPULATION? Hardly. I’m guessing 10-15% of the people, if that, are truly in need… and I’m more than willing to help those who are, indeed, in need.

But half?

No way.

Even then, that half get to reap at least SOME of the “benefits and pleasures of America”… it’s certainly not like some third world country where 10% of the population lives in opulence and the rest are in dire poverty. We have a great nation and “the poor” still get to use the roads and libraries and receive protection from police and fire departments and enjoy liberties not found in many countries.

For the sake of argument, if 15% of the people are truly poor and should not pay income tax, that would make the rest of the half (35%) FREELOADERS.


While I have no deep problem with my tax money helping the sincerely poor, I must admit that I DO have a problem with my tax dollars supporting the 35% that don’t deserve my money. If they don’t want to work harder to earn more, that’s their choice… but they should not get any of my dollars ON TOP OF enjoying a free society with all kinds of wonderful benefits that THEY ARE NOT PAYING FOR. And I especially resent that, when you look closely, most of them spend money on a lot of things that, in any other circumstance, would be viewed as a luxury… cellphones, cable TV, and the list goes on.

The way I figure it, about ONE THIRD of our nation has been set up by politicians to be paid supporters of government programs… they know when they see a good deal for themselves… and they are foolish and selfish enough to sell their votes without thinking about what it is doing to our country… or that it ultimately hurts them more than helps them. They are IDIOTS.

Yes, ONE THIRD of our country consists of unthinking idiots who are mind-numbed slaves to their “leaders”.

It’s going to take a lot of work to overcome that momentum. I just hope we can ratchet this percentage back because, once it passes over 50%, the fools will continue to vote tax benefits for themselves until there is no more income to be taxed… and it will be too late then.

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