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WE, The People

In my observations, I’ll often reference “WE” (usually capitalized), by which I mean WE, the people.  But does that mean I speak for everyone in the U.S.?  No.

The “WE” I like to speak of is a reference, of course, to the preamble of the Constitution of the United States.

Likewise, did the Constitution speak for EVERYONE in the incipient country?  No.  There were plenty of loyalists… people who did not want to break with Great Britain,  who supported being a colony under rule of the King, who opposed (ACTIVELY!) those who wanted independence.

So, from the very beginning, WE did not bean everybody.  WE refers to those who support our country and the priniciples upon which it was founded.  WE means those who BELIEVE in the Constitution. WE are the people who think our Founding Fathers “got it right”.  WE are the people who appreciate the selfless sacrifice of those who created and have defended our Constitution from the beginning.  WE are those who continue to have faith in the astounding integrity of the Constitution and want it to remain the basis upon which our great nation operates.

WE are those who fear manipulation of the Constitution by activist jurists, who fear elected representatives who place their own personal interests and/or the interests of their political party above the guidelines and restrictions dictated by the Constitution, who fear a populace that has not been honestly taught the many virtues of the Constitution and its worthiness of respect by our educational system.

WE are the people who object to a large and intrusive federal government.

WE are the people who object to a federal government involved in activities clearly not mandated or authorized by the Constitution.

WE are the people who are proud of our country and want it to remain a leader among world governments of the right of citizens to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

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