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The Perversion of Pride

For decades on end, Americans were known throughout the world as hard-working, self-sufficient, independent, creative people. Our ability to “get the job done” in the face of adversity was renown. We were recognized as being fair and generous and open to a wide range of ideas. We were proud of that reputation.

And, as a whole, we enjoyed a superior standard of living compared to the rest of the world.

In the past 50 years, many citizens have forgotten these wonderful attributes (if they even knew them in the first place). Their “pride of ownership” in our country has decayed… their confidence in their ability to take care of themselves has deteriorated… their motivation to work hard, and take pride in that work, has diminished.

For many of our fellow citizens, their pride in all things good has been perverted. They now look to the government to take care of them, expect employers to be satisfied with a mediocre work ethic, rely on others to make sacrifices yet are first in line to utilize the fruits of those investments. It is appalling that individuals are asking for individual help like this:

I have as much, if not more, compassion for my fellow American as anyone… and I don’t know that first lady’s personal situation… but I do know there are plenty of sources of help, both governmental and charitable, to address really true, desperate situations.

That being said, I am disgusted at how widespread this attitude has become. It didn’t happen overnight… it was a gradual decline into the abyss. Generally, I blame political leaders for taking advantage of their naive constituents… promising things that simply cannot be delivered on a continuing basisl, making excuses for those failures by blaming others who are innocent, atoning for those sins by diverting government money to programs that are nothing but payback, and running government in a way they could never do with their own households or businesses.

Most of all, though, I blame our education system. It has taken only a few generations to produce a population of ignorant, deluded, unthinking, blind followers that is large enough to support a corrupt leadership.

This digression cannot be sustained and will implode sooner than later. We are already seeing some of the results in our current economic crisis. Sadly, this is only the beginning. Unless the remaining silent, rational, patriots among us step up… speak up… quickly, we will cross the tipping point where the “tail wags the dog”, where a minority of tax payers support a majority of tax recipients… and where government will not allow any alternative since that majority will be in control.

NOW is the time to make your voice and thoughts be heard!

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