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Driving Blind

I cannot believe it.

In their rush to pass a “stimulus bill”, the leadership in Congress is putting a bill up for vote without sufficient time for all members of Congress to read it, much less understand the implications of its many points. The document is over 1,000 pages and, yet, few will have read it. This is not just some trivial, housekeeping bill with little importance… it is the single, largest authorization of spending in our country’s history… over $1 TRILLION dollars will be spent!

Given the nature of this contentious piece of legislation, the many components within it, and the last-minute changes made to it, all of the actual details will be known by our elected officials (or their staffs) when they vote on it.

Is this any way to run our nation?

No matter what urgency might be associated with passing this bill, it isn’t as if the money will start flowing the moment it becomes law… it will take quite a while before the first dollar is actually spent. So, why can’t our “leaders” take a breath and allow everyone a few days to actually read the bill?

Simple. The majority party wants to force-feed this spending program to us… and, since little of it actually addresses the core economic problem (tight credit and “bad” mortgages) nor sufficiently promote the supposed goal (creating jobs), they purposely don’t want this bill to receive much scrutiny BEFORE it passes. As we all know, it is very hard to turn back a law once it has passed.

Our country’s leadership is failing in its fundamental duty: to lead our country by following the letter and spirit of the Constitution. Instead, they are putting their political careers and ideological goals AHEAD of those of the nation.

Instead of having greater freedom, we will have less. Our wonderful country is rapidly becoming just a shadow of its former self.

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