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Outright Lie

I can’t believe it. The President addressed Congress recently and, while he was explaining his decision to take a certain course of action in response to the current economic problems, he lied to everyone. Just like that. No hesitation, no blinking. While looking us straight in the eye.

It’s one thing when someone makes a decision based on misinformation. G.W. Bush’s justification for entering Iraq due to it having weapons of mass destruction has been portrayed as being a lie. It was not, it was misinformation. Our own intelligence agencies, as well as those of SEVERAL other nations, had advised that they DID have WMD. After the fact, we all learned that Saddam Hussein lied to the world (and went to great lengths to make his lie look real). Basing a decision on wrong information is not good… but it is not a lie. It is simply working with what information you have.

When President Obama spoke, however, he told Congress (and US) that the reason we’re having all the problems with the economy is because we have not properly addressed inadequacies in our health care system, our dependence on oil as an energy source, and our deficient education system.


Does our President actually expect us to believe our financial disaster, which revolves around housing mortgage loans that should never have been allowed in the first place, is due to ANYTHING BUT bad lending practices (and other activities related directly to those bad loans)?

Apparently so.

To tell us that the CAUSE of the economic crisis is bad health care, using too much oil, and failing to educate our children is an outright lie. Sadly, far too many of our citizens don’t know how to think… don’t know how to use simple logic… don’t have enough confidence in themselves, their convictions, their own common sense… and will simply “go along” with this terribly misguided notion.

WE are being sold a bill of goods. Little in the President’s plans addresses the ACTUAL cause of the economic situation. Instead, it uses the current climate as an EXCUSE to implement many other programs. Without getting into the discussion as to whether these other programs are worthy or not based on their own merit, there is absolutely no question these other areas DID NOT CAUSE the “financial meltdown”.

We are being purposely misled. Once again, political gain is far more important to an elected official than “doing the right thing”.

The closest I can come to agreeing with the President’s proposals is this:

    Our education system HAS failed. It has failed over the past 30-40 years to teach our children to THINK. Instead, it has indoctrinated them. Now, we have a very large segment of the population who behave like sheep. THEY will “buy” anything the government and politicians tell them since it aligns with what they have been taught in schools.

    However, the solution to our failed education system is NOT more government involvement, more funding, more schools. That is exactly what has been happening over the past few decades and we can see the (lack of) results. The solution is exactly the opposite:

    Give ALL parents, regardless of economic standing, VOUCHERS… and let them use that as they see fit. The best schools will get better, the worst ones will fail. The best teaching practices will be rewarded, the worst will die. The best teachers will be recognized and earn more, the worst will find new jobs. All, as it should be.

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