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National Popular Vote Idiots

I’ll say it once again… the U.S. is NOT a democracy.

Our Founding Fathers recognized the vulnerabilities of a pure democracy and PURPOSELY made our country a representative republic. Though we do have SOME democratic institutions, the LAST thing we should want is to move toward pure popularism since that would speed the demise of our great nation. We should be guided by PRINCIPLE, not what is popular on any given day!

There is a national effort gaining traction and it should be stopped. Unfortunately, our children have been mis-educated by a system with ulterior motives (and I blame the NEA and teacherss unions for most of this, but that’s a discussion for another day)… who have now grown into adults having never learned the real value of the fundamental principles that make our country truly unique… and are now being sold a bill of goods: the national popular vote.

Apparently, the process of amending our Constitution is too difficult for some people… so they’ve decided to promote a compact between some states where they simply obviate the 12th Amendment to the Constitution. What they are pushing is an agreement among “member” states where their electoral votes will be uniformly cast according to the popular vote. This organization now has four states on board: Illinois, Hawaii, New Jersey and Maryland… and there are others seriously proposing support in their State legislatures. Their slogan is “electoral college reform by direct election of the President”… but, apparently, electoral college reform has nothing to do with amending the Constitution as is required by law. Instead, they want to game the system… and it should be stopped.

Under their plan, member states agree to award their presidential electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless of which candidate won the state. It is entirely possible that the majority in one participating state might have actually voted for one candidate but end up casting all of its electoral votes for the other candidate!

This is a terribly short-sighted way to go about determining our President. It is inevitable that the most populous states will dominate in this process and states with smaller populations will not actually be represented.

The participating states are blatantly trying to circumvent the Constitution. We have a process for amending the Constitution and it should be followed. Can a group of states be formed to, say, support slavery or rescind the right of women to vote? No, but they might band together and promote amending the Constitution. But changing our Constitution was purposely made difficult… it requires passage by two-thirds of both the House and the Senate AND ratification by three-fourths of the states. Difficult, but it can be done. If a change to the Constitution is REALLY a good idea, it can happen.

While the Constitution does allow states to decide how to cast their electoral votes, it does not allow them to gang up and bypass another Constitutional requirement.

Doing an end-run on our Constitution should be shut down now. Non-participating states should bring suit against participating states charging that they are engaging in COLLUSION that would result in disenfranchising a huge number of citizens. Such a group effort… nothing short of a conspiracy… falls into the same category as racketeering and antitrust. It is clearly wrong!

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