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The Pusher Man

Many years ago there was a song condemning the pusher man. He’d get you addicted to his drug, which caused much grief in your life. Good song, bad scenario.

The pusher man would get you started on the “good stuff”, enticing you in with all the benefits of his drug… and at no cost! It was free!! Who can resist a chance to feel good on “someone else’s dime”? It’s party time! Even many who had been taught the drug was bad saw it as an opportunity to “experiment”. Few were disciplined enough to keep on walking, to turn the pusher man down.

So, the pusher man got a lot of “takers”… he gave away a lot of his good drug and, guess what? Many of those who tried his goods like it. They came back… they wanted more. The pusher man smiled and gave them some more.

Some of the people started coming to him more often and even told their friends. The pusher man changed, though. Now, he wanted to be paid for giving you his drug. The pusher man was only good for a little free stuff. Those who liked his drug thought that was fair, so they paid. Even though they would not have handed over their hard-earned money to him before, they liked what he had and were fine paying for his drug.

Soon, some of his customers were coming to him early in the morning and late at night. They wanted his drug at all hours of the day, and sometimes the pusher man asked them to pay more if it wasn’t convenient for him. That was OK, too, since they really wanted his drug.

After a while, customers regularly came to the pusher man… it became a routine. The pusher man began to provide his “bottom shelf” drug instead of the good stuff. Most people couldn’t really tell since they were now addicted to it. Even those who could were in no position to complain about it… they needed his drug.

It wasn’t long before the pusher man began charging even more for his “stepped on” stuff, delivering lower quality at a higher price than anyone would have thought possible. But his customers were hooked. Some would arrive at his doorstep desperate and out of money… and he’d give them some of his drug but they had to promise to pay even more later.

And, when “later” came, some simply had no money. They had long before lost their jobs because the drug made their work sloppy, and they didn’t show up on time, and didn’t take proper care of themselves, and acted erratically. Life had little meaning. The pusher man became demanding, forcing them to do things to earn money… illegal things, immoral things, demeaning things.

In an astoundingly short period of time, the pusher man went from friend to dominator. People of worth were transformed into unthinking drones subservient to the pusher man. Lost was their self-confidence, gone was their independence. They had lost their freedom. They were slaves.

Today, government is the pusher man.

Government will provide healthcare. Government will make sure banks loan you money to buy a home. Government will guarantee that loan to people who invest their money to fund it. Government will loan your company money if it’s big and important enough. Government will take care of everything.

Soon, though, government will tell you what you can eat, when you can turn the lights on in your home, what kind of car you can drive, and what color that car can be. Government will tell you if your imperfect baby is worth birthing. Government will tell you when your sick elderly parents are worth saving. Government will determine what will be taught in schools and which students should receive extra attention and which should not. Government will decide how companies should be run, what they should make and how much of it, where you should work, and how much you should be paid.

Government will tax all your income if they think you make too much… or if they just need it to pay for all the great things they do for you.

All of which is to say: the people in charge of government - and those they favor - will decide how you can live your lives, not you.

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