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Dumbing Down

It is a sad day.

If a recent poll is to be believed, only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism.

Of all the economic systems EVER tried in the history of the world, capitalism has been responsible for more ADVANCEMENTS in human rights, freedom, and prosperity of individuals than any other. Period. Capitalism is not perfect, it does have some weaknesses… but it is so much more superior in the ACTUAL RESULTS it achieves that, if you review the history of mankind, there is really no question. Not THEORETICAL results, actual results. Reality.

I place most of the blame for this change in attitude firmly at the feet of our “education system”. I use quotes because it has evolved in recent decades into an INDOCTRINATION SYSTEM permeated with views antithetical to those conveyed in our Constitution… to “the American way”. After a few generations, we have been infiltrated from within by people who hold political and economic beliefs that they did not objectively arrive at through their own critical thinking. Many, in fact, have been brainwashed NOT to think for themselves and to just blindly follow the “party line”. The dumbing down of the United States will lead to our demise.

The Constitution gives a great deal of latitude for differing beliefs… but the foundation of our great country cannot be undermined.

At its core, though, the real problem is many people don’t understand what capitalism really is. They have been mistaught or misled to think of it as one thing… when it is actually altogether different. There are many misconceptions and most are based on lies told by people with different agendas.

Today, too many people are driven by theory, pure politics, and emotion rather than facts, true patriotism, and rationality. While being a “dreamer” is the fate of some, it’s no way to “run a business”. Or a nation.

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