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The elected “leadership” in our country have embarked on a path to forcibly implement a massive change to our way of life without regard to traditional, ethical, and Constitutional standards. In a phrase, they are going to shove so-called “health care reform” down the throats of a majority of citizens who obviously do not want such a change.

Most people know:

  • This isn’t really about healthcare, it’s about grabbing power… or there would be ACTUAL SOLUTIONS to some of the admitted problems with our present system
  • It isn’t about political opposition… the Democrat Party has the majority in the House, the Senate, and the Presidency but has many among their own party who object to the proposals.
  • The proposals ignore our current economic reality… we cannot afford to increase government expenses. These are tough times and, just as in our individual households, you don’t take on MORE obligations when you can’t afford those you already have.
  • If you strip aware the rhetoric and examine the facts, they are trying to make HUGE changes to address problems that exist only for a small number of people… there are far fewer people “in need” than is being purported. The tail is wagging the dog. You don’t uproot everything to fix a problem that doesn’t exist for the vast majority of people.
  • Even assuming changes should be made, what makes anyone think government would be able to do things better than the private sector? In fact, it could be argued that government has contributed to the existing situation (inaction regarding tort reform). Other than the military, when has the government done things better than the private sector… EVER?
  • When you examine many of the “facts” cited by those supporting this effort, you’ll find mostly LIES and DISTORTIONS. Anytime someone does that, there is no reason I should accept anything they say.
  • And, regardless of what you hear, the Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to address the area of health care since it is not a power granted to them.

Most people, like me, have been satisfied with casting our votes and living with the outcome for many years. Even if the results weren’t what we preferred, we accepted it until the next election… going to work, raising our families, and living our busy lives in the meantime. We are just “regular people”.

This time is different.

If Congress manipulates “their system” to jam through the current proposal, it is slapping us in the face. Those who defy the wishes of the majority and vote for the “health care” (POWER GRAB) bill as its been presented must accept the results of THEIR actions: waking up the “regular people”. In essence, they will FORCE US to become more active in the political system. And we will.

If this bill passes, I (and many others) will make it my mission to WORK AGGRESSIVELY to get those who vote for it thrown out of office.

  • I will STRONGLY support the opposing party.
    • I will be PERSONALLY INVOLVED locally.
    • I will find a way to provide support in districts other than my own. I may not be able to vote, but I can contribute money, post in forums, make phone calls, write emails, and blog for a better candidate.
    • I will make as much noise as possible… and make sure everyone I meet knows who is the best candidate FOR AMERICA.
  • In situations where Democrats “rule”, I will support anybody BUT the incumbent.
    • I’ll work AGAINST the incumbent.
    • I’ll work FOR the “most acceptable” alternative candidate.
    • I will recruit everyone I can to help me in my efforts.

To summarize, anyone who votes for this bill must go… no more sitting idly by and accepting unsatisfactory election results.

At the same time, extreme pressure must be exerted on Congress to begin the slow, painful process of rolling back every one of the changes it will inflict on our system as we know it.

IN ADDITION, we must begin to put in place measures that will prevent such abuse of power ever again:

  • TERM LIMITS - too many politicians are making Washington a career… and become either addicted to power or slaves to those who have it. Too many have become too entrenched.
  • CAPPED GOVERNMENT SPENDING - unless checks are put into place, the Federal government will continue to grow and we will inevitably face situations like the current one again and again. We must tie the hands of Congress to a maximum of, say, 20% of GDP. No more. Live within your means. If they want to spend more, they will find REAL ways to expand the economy.
  • TAX REFORM - abolish the income tax and implement The Fair Tax, where the REAL tax rates will be highly visible to all us citizens and politicians will not be able to manipulate it at will.
  • EDUCATION REFORM - while I favor government FUNDING of education, I object to government DELIVERY of education services. The current system has become a major center of political power as well as an insidious tool for indoctrinating our children in ways counter to the principles our country was founded upon. Vouchers will give parents the power to choose the type and source of education best for them and lead to a better, more diverse structure than we have now.
  • LABOR REFORM - since it is government that establishes work standards, there is logically no need to have unions “protecting” government employees…there is NO PLACE for unions in government. And, while individual workers might group together in a union to bargain collectively with a private employer, companies should not be restricted from hiring workers who are not members of the union since, to do so would be creating a “labor monopoly” that can tie the hands of that company.
  • ELECTION REFORM - since we are comfortable having to carry a driver’s license, showing an ID when cashing a check at the bank, and proving proper auto insurance when registering a car… it is certainly reasonable to provide proof of identity when performing our most important act as citizens: voting. Further, if any given citizen is not motivated enough to register to vote in a manner reasonable to support the voting process, then they have that freedom… but relinquish their right to vote until the next election. AND, consistent voting standards should be implemented to prevent abuse by both voters and those administering the process.
  • There’s a lot of work to do… and it appears our current batch of self-serving, unpatriotic politicians are on the verge of providing the motivation for THE MASSES to rise from their daily routine to TAKE ACTION. Things will never be the same again. Despite it being a rude awakening, maybe we should thank them… but only in a back-handed way.

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