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We’ve Been Patient Long Enough

Now is the time for action.

Regardless what happens on the health care fraud that’s being perpetrated in Washington right now, there are too many other areas where the government… and the non-contributing faction of the “citizenry” (which includes, sadly, many non-citizens)… are grabbing what rightfully belongs to the rest of us: the fruits of our labor, limitations on everyday decisions, and restrictions on our Constitutional liberties.

Those of us who still believe in the America of our forefathers must become activists… just like those who have dragged down our social values, our economic system, our individual freedoms over the past 40-50 years. WE must exert OUR beliefs, express our convictions, educate our families and friends… and TAKE BACK the country we love so dearly.

I never had the inclination to be one, but I am convinced I must become an activist. Just as the opposition has co-opted many of the great words during my lifetime and distorted their meaning into something I barely recognized, we must TAKE OVER THEIR WORD… and become ACTIVISTS. The right kind.

You may now call me a Constitutional Activist. From this day forth, I will be FULLY-ENGAGED in restoring the CORE VALUES our country based founded upon. I ask you to join me. Let’s take our nation back and make it great once more.

Job One: take power away from Washington.

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