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Governing By Gimmickry

Certainly, the political process has long been recognized as a messy one. It is a jumbled amalgamation of give and take, often unrecognizable and un-understandable before completion. However, never before in our nation’s history have I heard of nor witnessed what is happening today.

I’m sure elected officials see SOME smaller things like this on a regular basis… which does nothing but make them think it’s more normal than it really is… but to embark on a HUGE change to OUR way of life on a very SLIM MARGIN of support AND ONLY WITH the help of personal favors, political buyoffs, and outright lies is unconscionable.

SOUND government should be built upon a BROAD BASE OF SUPPORT… a foundation of PRINCIPLED BELIEFS. When any individual representative’s vote can be brokered with personal/political payoffs that are COUNTER TO any fundamental ideal, then the representative is NOT a moral person… he/she is there only for themselves and not for serving the real needs of the nation. You cannot depend upon such a person since their support can be bought… often cheaply.

Again, if parliamentary procedure was leveraged to achieve the desired result of a faction to, say, provide financing for a new bridge in Bangore, it might not be right but it is hardly worth the bother, especially in the “federal” scope of budgeting. I’m sure that’s exactly the way many legislators view it… and I agree with them. However, it that same maneuver is used on a MAJOR piece of legislation, it is NOT the same… nor do I view it so lightly.

I suspect many of our elected representatives have become SO experienced with such bargaining… over all too many years… that they are now calloused to the ACTUAL MEANING of such steps.

Which is why I support term limits.

I would rather MY representatives to be more firmly grounded in REALITY than in the “sophisticated ways” of government since, frankly, I don’t consider them “sophisticated”… I view them as, well, dishonest.

I would respect more a one-term Senator, for example, who voted the way he/she promised… consistent with statements made during the campaign… whether I agreed with them or not… than a multi-term representative who “brought home the bacon” but lied and cheated every step of the way (cough-Murtha-cough).

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