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When More Is Less

We’ve all heard the old saying: “There is no free lunch.” It means that EVERYTHING has a cost. Even if it isn’t apparent on the surface, even if YOU don’t pay the bill, SOMEBODY must pay for any good or service that is delivered.

The current health care debate is a good example of this.

Some citizens easily recognize that the government proposal to “reform” our health care system promises a wide range of “benefits” and, even though politicians are selling it as a program that saves money and reduces the deficit, actually comes at a high cost.

That cost will come in the form of:

  • HIGHER TAXES - it is clear tax rates will be higher… and the things being taxed will expand. Anyone who now pays taxes WILL pay more. The bad news is 50% of all taxpayers pay only 3% of the taxes, so the increases will be felt heavily by those already taxed the most. When you hear politicians talk about “fairness”, they fail to look at the disproportionate burden already imposed on the top half of all taxpayers.
  • LESS FREEDOM - any time the government “gives”, the government “takes away”… and it’s usually results in a reduction of our liberty. Even those who pay no taxes will experience this… we will become servants of the government, doing its bidding, abiding by its rules, conforming to its mandates… even in areas where the federal government should have NO control at all: can you tell me where the Constitution grants the federal government authority over individual health care?

It’s arguable whether “more” (or better) health care is the likely outcome to what’s going on in Washington. And it’s inevitable that the “costs”, tangible and intangible, associated with this effort will be higher than we’re being told.

And anyone who believes there will be no costs are deluding themselves. Wake up.

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