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Market Solutions vs. Government Solutions

Well, here we go again… down the all-too-predictable path of the government “solving” a problem with all its infinite wisdom. WHEN will we ever learn?

The younger generation has no historical context so they don’t really understand the situation… and they’re certainly not taught it in schools. Maybe they are just fools trusting what they’re being told… but they are fools, nonetheless.

What is that old saying? Ignorance is bliss. Really?

  • Ignorance is laziness… if you know how to read, you CAN find out about things. Most of the people who REALLY transformed this world were self-taught.
  • Ignorance is slavery… letting someone else tell you “the facts” is about the same as letting them make decisions for you.
  • Ignorance is dangerous… not only will bad things happen that you don’t expect but it might be too late when you realize it.

Hey “kids”! Wake up!! You don’t remember because your parents don’t remember. You don’t know because you weren’t properly taught. Don’t continue being a fool.

Here is a SMALL example:

For more than one hundred years, the “phone company” in the U.S. operated as a government sanctioned and regulated monopoly. During that time, there were many wonderful innovations:


Yes, that’s the picture of progress. It represents about 100 years of innovation by an organization under government control.

After the 1984 break-up of the monopoly, guess what? Prices went down as competition increased, innovation increased dramatically, choices proliferated as customers were free to decide what was best for them… and companies moved rapidly to satisfy that demand.

THINK of all the changes that have happened during that time. If the government had stayed in control, do you really believe people would be texting via cell phones while waiting to go into a movie, surfing the web while sitting in a restaurant, talking to people across the country (or across the ocean!) for mere pennies, and that every member of the family above the age of ten would probably carry their own phone where ever they went?

Now, with the passage of government-controlled health care, we’re going backward.

Our Future
(Picture of our future)

To add perspective: I think this is a SMALL example compared to what’s going on now.

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