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Delusional Factions

Contrary to what the majority of our own citizens have been taught in our schools for the past 40 years or so, the United States IS the single best example of citizens enjoying the greatest degree of human equality in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Yes, despite some admitted (and corrected) flaws and blemishes, the U.S.A. ranks at the very top of nations that have endowed its people with the most personal freedom, the least control by government, the highest degree of liberty to pursue individual activities, the fewest impediments to its citizens’ ability to improve their lots in life, and the absolute greatest opportunity to achieve success. Bar none. No other country comes close.

And, as I said, that is even considering the fact that slavery existed in our country for all too many years… that monopolistic companies abused their power in the marketplace for periods of time… that our had an internal war that occupied considerable time and consumed a huge amount of national wealth.

The United States of America is the prime example of what individual equality is all about.

Yet, many of our own citizens are convinced our country is horrible. Still. To this day. Sadly, their impressions are created and supported by a political faction that is dedicated to the downfall of our country… and they have targeted those who are easiest to manipulate… they are enlisting the unknowing into their army to overthrow our country from within.

It’s very easy to gain the support of people who you “sympathize” with as having been “victimized” and to promise them some wonderful (yet undeliverable) compensation for their problems. Worse, it’s possible to continue to have their support despite the lack of changing their situation IN ANY WAY for decades… even generations.

  • Why would someone feel a bond with those who actually manipulate them?
  • Why would you trust a person who SAYS they are doing things to help you but never ACTUALLY does any such thing?
  • Why would a group of people see a person as “their leader” when, in fact, that person is just playing a political game for personal benefit?

This happens more often than I would have thought… but it IS the reality. Portions of our great nation are being blindly led into their own destruction. Unfortunately, the sum of these groups is now becoming of such a mass that they may well pull down our entire country.

Any society will have… and can tolerate… a small fringe faction. But when the population becomes so fragmented and the entirety of those fragments become larger than the “core” populace, the ship of state can be torn asunder.

If someone tells you that you are a victim and they want to help you, be on the alert. Chances are HIGH that you will become THEIR victim… and they will only USE YOU.

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