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Ask Yourself

Suppose a respected college business professor gave his MBA class an assignment:

    Examine the nation’s health care system and prepare a detailed plan to correct the problems… enhance transportability so pre-existing conditions won’t be excluded, reduce costs, expand services for those least able to afford it, minimize the likelihood that an extreme medical situation would lead to a financial disaster … all while maintaining the multitude of good aspects… high quality of service, timely attention to patients, innovation in drugs and technology, personal attention from the patients’ choice of practitioner, and so on.

    As with any good business plan, the solution must be economically feasible… that is, both affordable now and sustainable in the future. It must be able to stand the test of time and not be inherently flawed.

Now ask yourself… what would the response be if that class turned in what we just saw pass our Congress.

I am willing to bet that most business instructors would quickly jot a grade of F on it and throw the plan back in their faces. Even in today’s politicized universities, most business professors … no matter their political leanings… would laugh at such a proposed solution. Not only is the new law incomplete, it fails to even address most of the REAL problems, is sophomoric in those it does address, and is absolutely absurd from a financial perspective.

It is no wonder our Congress is “enjoying” its LOWEST ratings in history. For the purposes that WE elected them (which often is not why THEY wanted to get elected), most members are, in a word, incompetent.

Most of our elected representatives are either unable or unwilling to SOLVE REAL PROBLEMS and insist on continuing to play political games. There was a time when a certain amount of bad decisions could be tolerated… our economy and our society was strong enough to absorb them.

Those times are gone.

The REALITY is clear… we MUST make some RATIONAL changes or suffer serious consequences.

Since the tipping point was this current health care insanity, I advocate starting a wave of change by VOTING OUT any member of Congress who VOTED FOR the bill. They clearly failed. We must get rid of them before they drag US down further.

Good riddance.

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