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I’ll Vote For You If . . .

It’s clear we need a STRONG political party to steer our country back to what made it great in the first place. Our current direction is economically unsustainable… reality is being ignored… and inconsistent with the Constitution… which says WE, THE PEOPLE have the power and GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US (not the other way around, which is where we are now).

To that end, I’m ready to vote for the party and representatives that CLEARLY STATE they will SERIOUSLY, AGGRESSIVELY work toward achieving these goals:

  • TERM LIMITS - no more career national politicians. If eight years or two terms are sufficient for a President, something like that should be good for those elected to Congress.
  • CAPPED GOVERNMENT SPENDING - it is the proven nature of our Federal government to continually expand without regard to the economic environment “the rest of us” must have to live within. We must tie the hands of Congress to a maximum of, say, 20% of GDP. If Congress wants to spend more, I think we’d see some REAL initiatives to expand our economy. In other words, the control would be there plus an incentive to do things that we ALL would benefit from.
  • TAX REFORM - eliminate the income tax (and other such taxes) and replace it with The Fair Tax. No more special interests, the REAL tax rate will be clearly evident to EVERYONE (and harder for Congress to manipulate), and the transition alone would create the LARGEST ECONOMIC STIMULUS BOOST our nation has ever seen… perhaps large enough to dig us out of the current hole we’re in (and save our future generations from paying the bills being accumulated now!).
  • EDUCATION REFORM - while it’s acceptable for government to FUND education, it should not be in the business of DELIVERING education services. Political power and the ability to indoctrinate our future generations is too concentrated and must be dispersed. Everyone talks about giving people “choice”… fine… give parents vouchers and let them be “spent” in any accredited school. This will lead to many alternative approaches and the best ones will rise to the top. Competition alone will ensure a better end result.
  • IMMIGRATION CONTROL - I believe legal immigration from other countries is one of the things that has made our country great. It is just stupid not to control it… but we must embrace a sound public policy that everyone can stand behind. First, there must be a vetting of those wanting to come in… we CAN be selective (and certainly don’t need any more criminals). Second, there must be an education process… basic English must be a requirement, so let’s teach it to them (not being able to speak our language puts them at a disadvantage in too many ways). Third, borders must be controlled… no sense having a process if there’s a loophole.
  • NO GOVERNMENT UNIONS - since the government establishes work standards and monitors the private sector, it can do so for itself… there is no need to have unions “protecting” government employees. FURTHER, government pay rates and benefits should be generally tied to average rates found in the private sector… and FLOAT with them. This would put bureaucratic careers on a par with the “real world”… no better, no worse… AND ensure government employees felt the same ups and downs we do. It would also align their cumulative tiny decisions to point toward doing things that will be good for the economy as a whole. We’d all be in the same ship, so to speak.
  • VOTER IDENTIFICATION - voting is at the heart of our ability, as individuals, to express our opinions. We don’t have to agree on everything… my vote is equally as valuable as yours… but voter fraud simply cannot be allowed. It is reasonable for each voter to provide identification, and it’s the most logical first step in the process.
  • ENTITLEMENT CAPS - call them what you want, welfare programs have grown into a political tool to simply buy votes… and the faction of receivers versus payers cannot be allowed to grow or we will risk the inevitable result, and it’s not pretty. In addition, the government has to eliminate its Ponzi schemes… taking money from one generation to pay for another (Social Security). These practices are clearly illegal (and unsustainable) in the private sector… why should it be any different for government? Last, there are too many unintended consequences to entitlement programs… those who are supposedly being helped are, in reality, being hurt.
  • FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION - really! Hard to believe it has to be said, but the actions of some of our politicians defy their sworn oath of office (not to mention others who are appointed to their positions, such as judges and bureaucratic leaders).

Show me the political party that will adopt these in their platform… and the individual politicians who will SWEAR to pursue these objectives… and I’ll show you a HUGE following of “grass roots” supporters.

OK, who wants my vote?

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  1. […] REAL problem, of course, is too much government spending… and we really need to tie the hands of Congress to get control over this and other abuses that our “leaders” take for granted […]

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