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Human Nature

I agree with many of the WISHES of liberals… there should be no poor people, everyone should have great health care, every individual deserves a job, all citizens should receive an education, and more. The world would be a wonderful place if all such things were possible… but they’re not. This is mostly due to the faults of human nature.

Suppose, for example, the government simply offered a job to any person who does not have one. Would they all show up? Many would, of course… and let’s not including those who honestly cannot due to some physical impairment… but would every able-bodied unemployed person show up for work? I’m betting not. Sad to say, there are a lot of people who are ready to complain about not having a job yet are simply unwilling to work.

Is it OUR responsibility to help those who will not help themselves?

Imagine, for a moment, that the government was paying for the health services of some individual who was sitting next to you in the doctor’s waiting room. Since that person doesn’t have to fork over their own money to receive medical services, do you think every visit will be completely valid… or might it be subject to abuse? How do you feel if you heard that person talking on a cell phone tell a friend they were actually okay but just wanting to get off work… while you had an actual problem and had to wait your turn?

Should honest people suffer because others “play the system”?

It seems too many people hold a utopian view of their fellow man. Unfortunately, some people not only won’t help themselves, they don’t want your help either… and others are more than happy to accept your help, but will not use it in the way you intended.

For decades, our government has waged a “war on poverty” and spent BILLIONS of dollars. Has it worked?

Poverty in the U.S.

THIS is an example of how effective government is at solving human problems and REALLY helping people. For more than 40 years, the poverty rate has remained about the same (though I could argue that the definition of poverty has changed, but that’s another discussion).

If you consider the institutions responsible for TRULY helping “our fellow man” over the millennia, hospitals and universities would have to rank near the top. And what many overlook today is the clear fact that these are rooted in religion… CHURCHES were at the forefront in their creation and expansion. After all the attempts of government to “save the world” via socialistic or communistic means (or under rule of monarchy or dictator), it should be obvious that such pursuits are doomed to failure. Contrary to the view from the left, I firmly believe religion plays a HUGE ROLE in a civil society and, if anything, churches should be looked to for better solutions to the problems liberals SAY they would like to solve.

BY THE WAY, let’s just emphasize that when I said the government has “spent” or “paid for” throughout this piece that the government actually pays for nothing. The government is just an intermediary that collects taxes and redistributes those dollars to something/someone else. In reality, taxPAYERs are the ones actually doing the “paying”, of course.

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