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Truth In Taxation

These days, you cannot pick up a product without being able to turn it around and learn how many calories it has, what daily percentage of all the vitamins and minerals in it, what the product is made of (including active and inactive ingredients), whether it meets various health, safety, and environmental standards, and so on.

I want a new piece of information to be stated on every product (or on the receipt when I buy it):

    The total amount of taxes that are INCLUDED in the price.

I’m not talking about the state and local sales taxes that we ALWAYS see after the subtotal on the receipt. I want to know how much in tax is IN the product. That’s right, a summary item called “taxes” would appear and be clearly visible for everyone to see.

This might be hard, so it might be a good faith “estimate”, much like the estimated mileage you can expect to get on a new car… the big number that appears on the window sticker. It would include a proportional amount of all the taxes paid by the manufacturer, shipper, distributor, and retailer… everybody along the supply chain.

I think people would be SHOCKED to learn how much we are really paying in hidden taxes… over and above the income tax and all the other taxes we pay knowingly.

They say INFORMATION IS POWER. When the people know the truth, they will DEMAND lower taxes. At the very least, they would make better decisions… more informed decisions… and could see what direction the taxes they pay are going, up or down, sooner and easier than it is now possible.

The government requires all kinds of truth in labeling… yet requires no accountability for its own actions. How about tasting a little of their own medicine?

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