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Pop Quiz: “democracy”

How many times does the word “democracy” appear is the U.S. Constitution or Bill Of Rights?

  • None (0 times)
  • Once (1 time)
  • Twice (2 times)
  • Nine times (9)
  • Twenty-one times (21)
  • Twenty-two times (22)
  • Fifty times (50)
  • Seventy-six times (76)
  • One hundred forty-seven times (147)

The truth of the matter is… the word “democracy” is not mentioned in our Declaration of Independence, nor the Constitution, nor the Bill Of Rights, nor any Constitutional amendment… at all. The answer is zero. Check the text of them for yourself:

U.S. Constitution

Bill Of Rights (Amendments 1-10)

Amendments 11-27

The reason it is not used is because the United States is not a democracy and was not ever intended to be one. Our Founding Fathers recognized that democracies have inherent weaknesses and inevitably fail. Our great nation can correctly be described as a representative republic with some democratic institutions, but a democracy it is not.

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