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We Need More Adults

Childhood is great… for kids.

While their bodies are growing, minds developing, and morals being learned children are free to believe in fantasies, stretch their imaginations, play all day and bear few responsibilities. As children grow up, they take on more obligations: school and homework, household chores, and so on.

Good parents take their children to church, teach their children the difference between right and wrong, how to live up to their promises, to treat others with respect, and much more. Bad parents try to be buddies with their kids and let them behave however they want. Good parents are preparing their kids for adulthood, bad parents are shirking their own responsibilities and doing their kids no favors in the long run.

Children who grow up in a reasonably disciplined home become solid citizens who work hard, pay their bills and balance their checkbooks, save for the future, and help others as much as they can.

Children who never learn the REAL lessons of life just become “older children” who get themselves into situations they could have easily avoided, indulge themselves even though they know they will get into trouble, and look to others to help solve the problems they regularly find themselves in.

Over the past few decades, society has increasingly encouraged people to believe that their actions are either OK or not their fault… that we can do whatever we want… the distinction between right and wrong is constantly blurred, messages regarding the truth are regularly ambiguous. At the same time, government has been promoted as a savior that will take care of everyone and pay for things they could/should pay for themselves.

We’re becoming a nation of child citizens:

“We” don’t know what’s good for ourselves so the government must tell us what to do and how to do it. “We” can’t take care of ourselves so the government so the government must pay for some things or directly provide certain personal services.

The only thing “we” are doing is voluntarily handing over OUR RIGHTS to government and becoming children of a “parent” government. The “child citizens” look to the government as a benevolent parent… now. But it’s inevitable that government will become abusive… one small step at a time… as more and more is demanded of it. Then, “child citizens” will wake up one day and realize they are “slave citizens”.

Kids can be kids… but it’s time for “older children” to grow up and become adults.

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