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Disgusting and Dangerous

Irresponsible musings of a self-important, self-proclaimed “intellectual”:

Not funny… even if supposedly a joke. And especially since there is spreading evidence that a violent reaction is actually being advocated.
Some not-so-subtle intimidation tactics? How about sending out some union thugs?
My choice in this election will be based on the demonstrated performance of the current […]

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Protesting Idiots

With the conventions of both major political parties going on, there is a lot of media coverage and talk about what government should and should not be doing for “us”.  Like moths to a light, these events have attracted a wide range of groups staging protests.
One of the wonderful RIGHTS we have in the U.S. […]

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The Melting Pot

Continuing the discussion of yesterday…
 Just as an amalgam of metals becomes a stronger combined material than any of the individual components (which surrender some of their own unique chemical properties in the process),  the collective PEOPLE of our country… the “melting pot”… is stronger by becoming “one”.  It should be obvious, then, that WE cannot […]

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Without getting into whether the time, money, and expense of the project are justified, the World Values Survey results were just released and indicate WE are pretty happy… 16th out of 80 countries… and are happier now than 25 years ago.  According to the director of the study:
“The country is not only prosperous; it ranks […]

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Teen Pregnancy

One of the toughest jobs, in my opinion, is being a good parent.  It can also be one of the most rewarding… but it’s not easy for the physically or mentally weak.  In fact, it’s not easy for the strong of mind and body!
Before I had children, I could never understand child abuse.  It just […]

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Technology Spinoffs

I have suggested our country needs a special energy initiative, much like the space program, to focus on a national effort to become both more energy efficient and energy independent.  An intensive research and development program is exactly the type of thing our government should be doing to help protect our long-term interests… especially given […]

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We Are All Soldiers

Everyone has heard stories of valiant members of our military forces who placed the best interests of their country and fellow soldiers above their own, making the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of their duties. We should all say a prayer for these people, past and present, as well as the many more who […]

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We Need A Declaration of Oil Independence!

Current high gas prices reminds me of the mid-70’s and how we shot ourselves in the foot to make a bad situation even worse. It was a bad economic time compounded by foolish government reaction. Hopefully, we learn from our own history.
You would think that bad experience might have resulted in some strategic […]

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The Right Not To Be Offended…

… or insulted…
… or angered…
… or displeased…
… or  irritated…
Civil behavior calls for the decent treatment of others but, when it comes to words, almost anything goes.
Good manners dictate that acceptable public commentary be mindful of the audience, but not everyone has good manners.
Common decency says it’s better to speak good of others […]

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