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These days, it’s hard to go long without an outraged person declaring to the media that something is “their right”. Frequently, it turns out to be not so much a right as a demand. Rights are precious and not to be confused with wants, desires, wishes, and dreams.
Rights come with responsibilities.
In […]

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Lots of Little Lessons Learned

We need to do MORE of this:

Not only is a valuable principle imparted, it is delivered quickly and in a fun manner. Here’s another example of a “little lesson”:

It seems that many people today, both young and old, have lost the ability to reason. Maybe it’s too much TV, smartphone, email/chat, IM’ing, texting, […]

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Equality - Part 2

I’ve previously discussed how our country is actually based on the idea that, in the eyes of Gods, all of us are created equal and the political fact that this concept has been construed to mean we should enjoy things equally.
The utopian idea that everyone should have the same things sounds great… which makes it […]

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The current government “leadership” has moved our country further away from its founding principles and seems intent on implementing programs that are even counter to human nature. All this done under the guise of helping the “little guy” or maintaining “equality” or implementing “social justice”… with little consideration of who actually gets to […]

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We’ve Been Patient Long Enough

Now is the time for action.
Regardless what happens on the health care fraud that’s being perpetrated in Washington right now, there are too many other areas where the government… and the non-contributing faction of the “citizenry” (which includes, sadly, many non-citizens)… are grabbing what rightfully belongs to the rest of us: the […]

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Even Russians Are Amazed

Despite denials from about half of our own citizens, it’s readily apparent that changes are happening in the U.S… and not for the better. It’s a sad day, though, when it’s recognized by the Russians:
From Pravda-

It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening […]

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Are We Making Progress?

A single line from an excellent book, The 5000 Year Leap, has really made me think:
“The physical sciences capitalize on the lessons of the past, but the social sciences seldom do.”
We would never have the great technology tools and toys, the miraculous medicines, or the comfortable lifestyles that we do if we had to start […]

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Dumbing Down

It is a sad day.
If a recent poll is to be believed, only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism.
Of all the economic systems EVER tried in the history of the world, capitalism has been responsible for more ADVANCEMENTS in human rights, freedom, and prosperity of individuals than any other. […]

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The Pusher Man

Many years ago there was a song condemning the pusher man. He’d get you addicted to his drug, which caused much grief in your life. Good song, bad scenario.
The pusher man would get you started on the “good stuff”, enticing you in with all the benefits of his drug… and at no cost! […]

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The Auto Industry and Our Education System

Even though many could see it coming for decades, only now does the general public see the results of short-sighted management at GM and the other U.S. auto manufacturers. Of course, their possible demise wasn’t due to a single bad decision by those in charge, but the culmination of years of poor choices, including:

Caving […]

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