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When ONE President Does Not Reflect MANY Citizens

“I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”
6/4/2009 - Barack Obama, Cairo, Egypt

Words can be construed in many ways, often to intentionally lead people to “hear” one thing while the speaker is actually “saying” something else. Whether intentionally misleading or poetic license, impressions are made. It is […]

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Party of the Rich?

Quick question: which party, Democrat or Republican, has greater support from “the rich”?
If you watched any of the recent wave of political commercials… and who could avoid them? … any person without hard data to refer to would answer the same to a high degree. And be wrong.
Eight out of the ten richest […]

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Disgusting and Dangerous

Irresponsible musings of a self-important, self-proclaimed “intellectual”:

Not funny… even if supposedly a joke. And especially since there is spreading evidence that a violent reaction is actually being advocated.
Some not-so-subtle intimidation tactics? How about sending out some union thugs?
My choice in this election will be based on the demonstrated performance of the current […]

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Disaster-made Jobs

They say there’s at least a sliver of truth in every bit of comedy.

Can disasters “create” jobs? No, of course not. Disasters, by definition, cost. Little ones cost little, big ones cost big. Simple.
Given the nature of a hurricane, the damage done to a large geographic area, […]

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Income Tax (Non-)Payers

I’ve written many times about the many problems with our current income tax system and the fact that 10% of the taxpayers pay 70% of the tax.
Let’s put aside for the moment that, in 2005, “rich” meant anyone with a taxable income of more than $104,000 (which is a lot of money, don’t get […]

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Equality - Part 2

I’ve previously discussed how our country is actually based on the idea that, in the eyes of Gods, all of us are created equal and the political fact that this concept has been construed to mean we should enjoy things equally.
The utopian idea that everyone should have the same things sounds great… which makes it […]

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The current government “leadership” has moved our country further away from its founding principles and seems intent on implementing programs that are even counter to human nature. All this done under the guise of helping the “little guy” or maintaining “equality” or implementing “social justice”… with little consideration of who actually gets to […]

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Human Nature

I agree with many of the WISHES of liberals… there should be no poor people, everyone should have great health care, every individual deserves a job, all citizens should receive an education, and more. The world would be a wonderful place if all such things were possible… but they’re not. This is mostly […]

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Delusional Factions

Contrary to what the majority of our own citizens have been taught in our schools for the past 40 years or so, the United States IS the single best example of citizens enjoying the greatest degree of human equality in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD.
Yes, despite some admitted (and corrected) flaws and blemishes, the U.S.A. […]

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Whether it’s one of the proposed new health care “benefits” or any other government program that “gives” something to someone for nothing, it is easy to make a promise if you don’t have to worry about paying for it. This has long been a political tactic, especially favored by liberals.
It puts conservatives, at […]

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