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Human Nature

I agree with many of the WISHES of liberals… there should be no poor people, everyone should have great health care, every individual deserves a job, all citizens should receive an education, and more. The world would be a wonderful place if all such things were possible… but they’re not. This is mostly […]

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The Manhattan Declaration

We are in unusual times, a period when a very large constituency of the American populace are being subverted by the actions of their own government. This is unsustainable and a line has been drawn in the sand…
A coalition of Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christians has formed and published a document stating a firm […]

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The Pusher Man

Many years ago there was a song condemning the pusher man. He’d get you addicted to his drug, which caused much grief in your life. Good song, bad scenario.
The pusher man would get you started on the “good stuff”, enticing you in with all the benefits of his drug… and at no cost! […]

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The Perversion of Pride

For decades on end, Americans were known throughout the world as hard-working, self-sufficient, independent, creative people. Our ability to “get the job done” in the face of adversity was renown. We were recognized as being fair and generous and open to a wide range of ideas. We were proud of that reputation.
And, […]

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Wrong On Every Level

During difficult economic times, we all must take firm measures to control “weather the storm”.  We only make purchases that are necessary and look for good value in the things we do buy.  We set aside money in case things get worse.  We do without many things we’d LIKE to have.
Our government, however, doesn’t seem […]

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Have We Lost Our Course?

Seems to me that, over the past 50 years or so, the U.S. has lost our moral compass.
Those in the majority were tolerant enough to allow the minority to get a strong foothold in our basic institutions and, gradually, some of the core tenets upon which our great nation was founded have been eroded.  Specifically, […]

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Political Perversion

I’m not going to delve into all the political details that emerged after Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain’s running mate, but I do find one aspect particularly interesting.  This has nothing to do with the personalities involved in this election but, rather a situation that has come, once again, to the forefront.  Ms. […]

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Divine Intervention

According to a study published in the Archives of Surgery, God can change an otherwise hopeless circumstance:
“Most of both groups trust a doctor’s decision to withdraw treatment when futility is determined. More of the public (57.4%) than the professionals (19.5%) believe that divine intervention could save a person when physicians believe treatment is futile.“
Throughout the […]

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The Sanctity of Marriage

Over the past few decades, we have seen an organized effort to change the definition of marriage, an act defined by civil and religious law for millennia. Marriage has been historically recognized as a formal commitment between a man and a woman that becomes the basis of a family when the husband and wife […]

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The Tyranny of Tolerance

The level of freedom we enjoy in the U.S.A. was embedded in our collective attitude from our country’s beginning. So long as they didn’t break the law or infringe on the rights of others, individuals were free to do most anything they wanted. Maverick behavior — what some today call “thinking outside the […]

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