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Disgusting and Dangerous

Irresponsible musings of a self-important, self-proclaimed “intellectual”:

Not funny… even if supposedly a joke. And especially since there is spreading evidence that a violent reaction is actually being advocated.
Some not-so-subtle intimidation tactics? How about sending out some union thugs?
My choice in this election will be based on the demonstrated performance of the current […]

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Another Genius!

I am absolutely TIRED of a good action being contorted into a wrongful act or presented with an unhelpful bias.

It is OBVIOUS to all that it is the political season and virtually any activity might come with a political spin. We’re all adults (right?), and we know the game that is being played (including […]

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The Demise of Individual Decisions

For quite some time now, our society has been slipping into some very bad habits. During the exceptionally long recent election cycle, clear thought and civility went into a tailspin. I had hoped for a recovery after the inauguration but, instead, the slope steepened. Why is political discourse so strident? […]

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Truth In Advertising

I hear a lot of talk these days about people wanting to implement a “Fairness Doctrine”. This is an ill-conceived plan intended to REQUIRE holders of FCC broadcast licenses to provide “balance” to controversial issues presented on their radio and TV stations. The current push in this direction is an overt attempt by […]

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The Perversion of Pride

For decades on end, Americans were known throughout the world as hard-working, self-sufficient, independent, creative people. Our ability to “get the job done” in the face of adversity was renown. We were recognized as being fair and generous and open to a wide range of ideas. We were proud of that reputation.
And, […]

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Often, we’re unconsciously aware of a problem well before it rises to conscious recognition.  Even then, most people are very tolerant.  We recognize the problem as such but are not motivated to do anything about it at first… we allow the problem to grow until it reaches a higher pain threshold… and THEN they do […]

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Major Business Opportunity

I have finally resigned to the fact that, with very few exceptions, the news media is biased.  Not just a little bit… SOME bent in one direction or another is bound to creep into reporting… I’m talking about a significant and readily apparent perspective being expressed in their presentation of “news”.  This is the sad […]

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Protesting Idiots

With the conventions of both major political parties going on, there is a lot of media coverage and talk about what government should and should not be doing for “us”.  Like moths to a light, these events have attracted a wide range of groups staging protests.
One of the wonderful RIGHTS we have in the U.S. […]

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Occasionally, you hear people complain about our government suppressing the discussion of some controversial topic.  It is doubtful that actually occurs and it seems people like conspiracy ideas.   Most often, it is simply the government not releasing certain information for a specified reason, usually national security.
In this age of the internet and world commerce, it’s […]

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Looking For A Fight

It seems some people are just looking for a fight these days.  They’ll take statements out of context, distort something that was said, or just hear words without thinking of their true meaning.  Here’s a current example:
A special meeting about Dallas County traffic tickets turned tense and bizarre this afternoon.
County commissioners were discussing problems with […]

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