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Who’s Buying Votes?

Lobbying is a part of political life. The influence and money of special interest groups exerts considerable pressure on politicians to vote in harmony with their biggest campaign contributors… so, who’s buying the votes?
And who is being bought?
The Center for Responsive Politics has examined the top 100 contributors over the past 20 years […]

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Equality - Part 2

I’ve previously discussed how our country is actually based on the idea that, in the eyes of Gods, all of us are created equal and the political fact that this concept has been construed to mean we should enjoy things equally.
The utopian idea that everyone should have the same things sounds great… which makes it […]

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THIS Is What’s Wrong

Illinois Congressman Phil Hare says it out loud:

THIS is exactly what’s wrong with all-too-many of our elected representatives. It’s one thing to vote your conscience, to be accountable to your constituency, even to make expedient political deals… but if there’s one thing ALL elected officials must do (indeed, are sworn to do), it is […]

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Our current financial crisis was a series of bad decisions stacked on top of each other, which multiplied the terrible, yet totally predictable, outcome:

Making home loans to borrowers who realistically could not afford to make the payments.
Allowing loans to have ridiculous attributes, such as no money down and no proof of income
Authorizing FNMA and FHLMC […]

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Ask Yourself

Suppose a respected college business professor gave his MBA class an assignment:

Examine the nation’s health care system and prepare a detailed plan to correct the problems… enhance transportability so pre-existing conditions won’t be excluded, reduce costs, expand services for those least able to afford it, minimize the likelihood that an extreme medical situation would lead […]

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Restricting Entitlements Is Necessary

It is immoral for the government to “take from the rich” and “give to the poor”.
While any individual might donate some of their money, possessions, time, or talent to the betterment of others who have less, charity is a unilateral thing… it is at the complete option of the giver. It is, […]

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Whether it’s one of the proposed new health care “benefits” or any other government program that “gives” something to someone for nothing, it is easy to make a promise if you don’t have to worry about paying for it. This has long been a political tactic, especially favored by liberals.
It puts conservatives, at […]

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When More Is Less

We’ve all heard the old saying: “There is no free lunch.” It means that EVERYTHING has a cost. Even if it isn’t apparent on the surface, even if YOU don’t pay the bill, SOMEBODY must pay for any good or service that is delivered.
The current health care debate is a good example […]

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Governing By Gimmickry

Certainly, the political process has long been recognized as a messy one. It is a jumbled amalgamation of give and take, often unrecognizable and un-understandable before completion. However, never before in our nation’s history have I heard of nor witnessed what is happening today.
I’m sure elected officials see SOME smaller things like this […]

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They Think We’re Fools

Most politicians think us regular citizens are fools. They will tell us lies with a straight face and expect us to accept what they say as fact.
Disturbingly, the media no longer challenges such assertions…
Not so many years ago, the “fourth estate” could be counted on to dig deep and bring the truth […]

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