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The election results show:
Obama = 62,088,847
Romney = 58,783,137
In terms of individual votes cast, the swing was 1,652,855 out of a total of 120,871,984 votes, or 1.37%. On average, that amounts to around 33,000 voters per state… a shockingly low number defining the distinction between the two alternative paths. Each vote DOES make a […]

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Disaster-made Jobs

They say there’s at least a sliver of truth in every bit of comedy.

Can disasters “create” jobs? No, of course not. Disasters, by definition, cost. Little ones cost little, big ones cost big. Simple.
Given the nature of a hurricane, the damage done to a large geographic area, […]

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Another Genius!

I am absolutely TIRED of a good action being contorted into a wrongful act or presented with an unhelpful bias.

It is OBVIOUS to all that it is the political season and virtually any activity might come with a political spin. We’re all adults (right?), and we know the game that is being played (including […]

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Truth In Taxation

These days, you cannot pick up a product without being able to turn it around and learn how many calories it has, what daily percentage of all the vitamins and minerals in it, what the product is made of (including active and inactive ingredients), whether it meets various health, safety, and environmental standards, and so […]

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Restricting Entitlements Is Necessary

It is immoral for the government to “take from the rich” and “give to the poor”.
While any individual might donate some of their money, possessions, time, or talent to the betterment of others who have less, charity is a unilateral thing… it is at the complete option of the giver. It is, […]

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Delusional Factions

Contrary to what the majority of our own citizens have been taught in our schools for the past 40 years or so, the United States IS the single best example of citizens enjoying the greatest degree of human equality in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD.
Yes, despite some admitted (and corrected) flaws and blemishes, the U.S.A. […]

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They Think We’re Fools

Most politicians think us regular citizens are fools. They will tell us lies with a straight face and expect us to accept what they say as fact.
Disturbingly, the media no longer challenges such assertions…
Not so many years ago, the “fourth estate” could be counted on to dig deep and bring the truth […]

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Even Russians Are Amazed

Despite denials from about half of our own citizens, it’s readily apparent that changes are happening in the U.S… and not for the better. It’s a sad day, though, when it’s recognized by the Russians:
From Pravda-

It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening […]

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The “Equity” of Congressional Management

OK, so Congress causes a problem … the financial mess our country is in … and, while ignoring or denying their involvement, assert that THEY are the only ones who can “solve” the problem. While I have very little confidence that they can (or should) do that, it doesn’t change the fact that Congress […]

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Outright Lie

I can’t believe it. The President addressed Congress recently and, while he was explaining his decision to take a certain course of action in response to the current economic problems, he lied to everyone. Just like that. No hesitation, no blinking. While looking us straight in the eye.
It’s one thing when […]

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