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Right and Wrong

I like to read biographies… people, no matter what their walk of life, have always fascinated me.  It’s amazing what you can learn from the thoughts and experiences of others.  Quite some time ago, I read My Grandfather’s Son by Clarence Thomas.  The only thing I really knew about him was faint memories of the […]

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Bad Spelling

One of my few pet peeves is bad spelling.  It just bugs me.  I can look at a full page of written material and the misspelled words will jump out at me from wherever they appear on the page.  Not to say I don’t make mistakes from time to time… I do… but it bothers […]

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Short Attention Span

Seems like many Americans suffer from a relatively short attention span.  I doubt they were born with this weakness, I’m thinking it’s the environment:

Too many fast food restaurants conditioning us to getting satisfaction quickly.
Constant interruption from text messages and cell phone calls.
Long, blaring TV commercials distracting us from the actual program’s story line.
Continual barrage of […]

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The Worst Tax

Before beginning, let me reiterate that I don’t mind paying my fair share of the nation’s tax bill, though I don’t believe the need for some of those taxes is questionable and I completely detest any wasteful use of those dollars under any circumstances.
But there is one tax in particular that I think is immoral: […]

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“Hidden Taxes”

Before we get started, ask yourself: of every dollar I make, what percent do I end up paying out in taxes?
This will be the start to a series of discussions related to taxes, and how so many of them are somewhat hidden from view. Out of sight, out of mind. I hope […]

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