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Party of the Rich?

Quick question: which party, Democrat or Republican, has greater support from “the rich”?
If you watched any of the recent wave of political commercials… and who could avoid them? … any person without hard data to refer to would answer the same to a high degree. And be wrong.
Eight out of the ten richest […]

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Truth In Taxation

These days, you cannot pick up a product without being able to turn it around and learn how many calories it has, what daily percentage of all the vitamins and minerals in it, what the product is made of (including active and inactive ingredients), whether it meets various health, safety, and environmental standards, and so […]

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Income Tax (Non-)Payers

I’ve written many times about the many problems with our current income tax system and the fact that 10% of the taxpayers pay 70% of the tax.
Let’s put aside for the moment that, in 2005, “rich” meant anyone with a taxable income of more than $104,000 (which is a lot of money, don’t get […]

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Even if we weren’t in an economically difficult time right now, the LAST thing we need is ANOTHER TAX!
The REAL problem, of course, is too much government spending… and we really need to tie the hands of Congress to get control over this and other abuses that our “leaders” take for granted now.
The answer to […]

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Equality - Part 2

I’ve previously discussed how our country is actually based on the idea that, in the eyes of Gods, all of us are created equal and the political fact that this concept has been construed to mean we should enjoy things equally.
The utopian idea that everyone should have the same things sounds great… which makes it […]

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The current government “leadership” has moved our country further away from its founding principles and seems intent on implementing programs that are even counter to human nature. All this done under the guise of helping the “little guy” or maintaining “equality” or implementing “social justice”… with little consideration of who actually gets to […]

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Human Nature

I agree with many of the WISHES of liberals… there should be no poor people, everyone should have great health care, every individual deserves a job, all citizens should receive an education, and more. The world would be a wonderful place if all such things were possible… but they’re not. This is mostly […]

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Ask Yourself

Suppose a respected college business professor gave his MBA class an assignment:

Examine the nation’s health care system and prepare a detailed plan to correct the problems… enhance transportability so pre-existing conditions won’t be excluded, reduce costs, expand services for those least able to afford it, minimize the likelihood that an extreme medical situation would lead […]

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Whether it’s one of the proposed new health care “benefits” or any other government program that “gives” something to someone for nothing, it is easy to make a promise if you don’t have to worry about paying for it. This has long been a political tactic, especially favored by liberals.
It puts conservatives, at […]

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When More Is Less

We’ve all heard the old saying: “There is no free lunch.” It means that EVERYTHING has a cost. Even if it isn’t apparent on the surface, even if YOU don’t pay the bill, SOMEBODY must pay for any good or service that is delivered.
The current health care debate is a good example […]

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