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Giving Thanks

Despite the lack of perfection, which will NOT be attained by man, the United States of America is a great nation and We, the People, have much to be thankful for. And we SHOULD give thanks:

Please watch over each of us and our country. Assist us to be true to our responsibilities, honest […]

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The election results show:
Obama = 62,088,847
Romney = 58,783,137
In terms of individual votes cast, the swing was 1,652,855 out of a total of 120,871,984 votes, or 1.37%. On average, that amounts to around 33,000 voters per state… a shockingly low number defining the distinction between the two alternative paths. Each vote DOES make a […]

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Lots of Little Lessons Learned

We need to do MORE of this:

Not only is a valuable principle imparted, it is delivered quickly and in a fun manner. Here’s another example of a “little lesson”:

It seems that many people today, both young and old, have lost the ability to reason. Maybe it’s too much TV, smartphone, email/chat, IM’ing, texting, […]

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The current government “leadership” has moved our country further away from its founding principles and seems intent on implementing programs that are even counter to human nature. All this done under the guise of helping the “little guy” or maintaining “equality” or implementing “social justice”… with little consideration of who actually gets to […]

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I’ll Vote For You If . . .

It’s clear we need a STRONG political party to steer our country back to what made it great in the first place. Our current direction is economically unsustainable… reality is being ignored… and inconsistent with the Constitution… which says WE, THE PEOPLE have the power and GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US (not the other way […]

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We’ve Been Patient Long Enough

Now is the time for action.
Regardless what happens on the health care fraud that’s being perpetrated in Washington right now, there are too many other areas where the government… and the non-contributing faction of the “citizenry” (which includes, sadly, many non-citizens)… are grabbing what rightfully belongs to the rest of us: the […]

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The Manhattan Declaration

We are in unusual times, a period when a very large constituency of the American populace are being subverted by the actions of their own government. This is unsustainable and a line has been drawn in the sand…
A coalition of Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christians has formed and published a document stating a firm […]

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The “American Experiment”, as it was called early on, is barely over 230 years old. While it quickly became a huge success, its ultimate fate seems darkly in question of late. But, what was that experiment? Many today don’t realize how significant the founding of our country… or, more correctly, the PRINCIPLES […]

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Some People NEVER Learn

… or “Why We Need Congressional Term Limits”.
At the very root of the current economic downturn was INTERFERENCE by Congress in bank lending practices… rules requiring lenders to provide mortgage loans to people who objectively did not qualify for them (that is, had a high probability of not repaying the loan)… and GUARANTEEING those risky […]

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Are We Making Progress?

A single line from an excellent book, The 5000 Year Leap, has really made me think:
“The physical sciences capitalize on the lessons of the past, but the social sciences seldom do.”
We would never have the great technology tools and toys, the miraculous medicines, or the comfortable lifestyles that we do if we had to start […]

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