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National Health Care Sleight of Hand

Once again, nationalized health care has become a hot topic and, given the current shift of power in Washington, it has a strong chance of gaining traction. WHY is this such a controversial issue and should the government become the primary provider of health care services?
I’ll cut to the chase: it is just […]

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The Demise of Individual Decisions

For quite some time now, our society has been slipping into some very bad habits. During the exceptionally long recent election cycle, clear thought and civility went into a tailspin. I had hoped for a recovery after the inauguration but, instead, the slope steepened. Why is political discourse so strident? […]

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Dumbing Down

It is a sad day.
If a recent poll is to be believed, only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism.
Of all the economic systems EVER tried in the history of the world, capitalism has been responsible for more ADVANCEMENTS in human rights, freedom, and prosperity of individuals than any other. […]

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The Pusher Man

Many years ago there was a song condemning the pusher man. He’d get you addicted to his drug, which caused much grief in your life. Good song, bad scenario.
The pusher man would get you started on the “good stuff”, enticing you in with all the benefits of his drug… and at no cost! […]

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The Auto Industry and Our Education System

Even though many could see it coming for decades, only now does the general public see the results of short-sighted management at GM and the other U.S. auto manufacturers. Of course, their possible demise wasn’t due to a single bad decision by those in charge, but the culmination of years of poor choices, including:

Caving […]

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National Popular Vote Idiots

I’ll say it once again… the U.S. is NOT a democracy.
Our Founding Fathers recognized the vulnerabilities of a pure democracy and PURPOSELY made our country a representative republic. Though we do have SOME democratic institutions, the LAST thing we should want is to move toward pure popularism since that would speed the demise of […]

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Have We Lost Our Course?

Seems to me that, over the past 50 years or so, the U.S. has lost our moral compass.
Those in the majority were tolerant enough to allow the minority to get a strong foothold in our basic institutions and, gradually, some of the core tenets upon which our great nation was founded have been eroded.  Specifically, […]

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Cause And Effect

Without even knowing all the science behind it, most of us know the common sense of “cause and effect”… of probable outcomes from certain actions.  If I drive a car with my eyes closed, I’ll probably run into something.  If I ignore the “low oil” light in my car dashboard, the engine will eventually seize […]

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One of the big topics this year, as almost every election year, is “getting out the vote”… the big push to “help” people register to vote and then “help” them vote.  Without getting into the TRUE motives (not the stated motives) of organizations engaged in this type of activity, it is my opinion that such […]

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Often, we’re unconsciously aware of a problem well before it rises to conscious recognition.  Even then, most people are very tolerant.  We recognize the problem as such but are not motivated to do anything about it at first… we allow the problem to grow until it reaches a higher pain threshold… and THEN they do […]

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