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Divine Intervention

According to a study published in the Archives of Surgery, God can change an otherwise hopeless circumstance:

Most of both groups trust a doctor’s decision to withdraw treatment when futility is determined. More of the public (57.4%) than the professionals (19.5%) believe that divine intervention could save a person when physicians believe treatment is futile.

Throughout the history of man, there have been unexplainable cases where patients have experienced a dramatic change in their medical condition.   And the power of prayer… or even the power of positive thinking… have been the subject of much discussion.  Of course, it’s impossible to provide objective evidence in these situations… so skeptics are many.  It could well be that Divine Intervention occurs quite frequently and we simply never know it!  It cannot be proven nor disproven.

I believe all that happens is meant to happen … and even dire situations can dramatically improve with no humanly explanation.

I do pray that WE receive some kind of heavenly intervention in the direction our government is going … despite the fact that government has progressively divorced itself from God.  I trust He is not a vindictive God, that He will help even non-believers.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to assert my opinion as to the “correct” way government should be involved in our lives and work hard to prevent others from moving it in the “wrong” direction.  If you agree with me, I ask only that you do the same.

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